64th birthday ideas ?
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I have a friend who is turning 64 this week, and I would like to get her 64 "units" of something, but I am kind of at a loss as to the "what" of it. I need it to be relatively inexpensive, ( say under $50 total) and "original" i.e. not chocolates or flowers. I have thought of several ideas, but each is either flawed somehow ( fruit for example: it would be too much quantity-wise and would likely go bad before she could eat it) or impossible to mail, which is the other criteria: it must be deliverable by either mail or courier by Friday. Any cool suggestions?
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How about a set of CDs with 64 songs from the 50's and 60's, from when she was growing up?

Or a little photo book (Flickr, Shutterfly or iphoto) with 64 favorite photos of memories you have together.

Or both together!

Or a gift certificate for $64 somewhere... (might cost more than $50).
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...if you do music, be sure to include "When I'm 64" !
You could also check a coin collectors shop for currency minted in her year of birth. Dimes were still real silver then, as were quarters....
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A poster with pictures of 64 things (butterflies, beers, chili peppers, dogs etc)? I've seen a lot of posters like this, just need to find one that has the right number.

64 small candles with a nice candle holder (that holds one or two at a time)

A quilt with 64 squares (lots of places to look; also try Etsy.com for handmade things)

A necklace with 64 beads/pearls/metal links etc?

64 candy bars from her youth (google "nostalgia candy" or "old-time candy" or "1950s candy")? How about those hard-candy sticks that used to be in a tall jar at five-and-dime stores? That would keep well, but would be something she could use up and enjoy over time.

64 socks? You could try to get all kinds, some crazy interesting patterns, some warm ones for winter, some tall stockings, etc.

64 Dover books from Amazon on all different topics?

If she knits, 64 skeins of yarn? Or $64 to use at favorite yarn store?
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How about a 64K Memory expansion card for an Apple lle

Hell, he's old too, and it maybe a collector's item one day!
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Chess- and checkerboards have 64 squares on 'em... for whatever that's worth.
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Ah, I was going to suggest that Dr. Wu!
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Yeah, I came to say Chessboard.
But Dr. Wu had it...

Nintendo 64?
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Little jams, marmalades, pestos, etc.

Or 64 varieties of tea, which would be cheaper to mail.
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Super balls. These are always more fun in quantity.
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64 slices of American cheese [wav]
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Well the dildo thing has already been done. So I'm guessing that's out.
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Is she ready for some 8-ball? Then get her 64 ounces of delicious Pabst's Olde English 800 Malt Liquor.

...And a cake with Billy Dee Williams inside.
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64 "I Am Loved" buttons—for free! Used to be that they'd give you up to 100 of them in up to 11 different languages if you asked, although I've run into difficulty finding a store that actually has them in stock.
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A Commodore 64?

A Jaguar 64 from Atari?
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Commodore 64! 14.99 right now
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- Some nice perfume, perhaps? (Chanel Cristalle, in the .64 fl oz bottle)
- an extra memory card for her digital camera? (64 MB variety)
- How about a pair of dangling balls? (Traditional soccer balls have 32 panels each)
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last entry above is very much SFW, by the way.
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How about the classic box of 64 Crayola crayons, along with a really nice, high-end sketchbook? And maybe a few good charcoal pencils? And maybe a used copy of some book on sketching/drawing for non-artists?
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Oriental Trading has lots and lots of dorky things in bulk. Like ninjas and tiny flutes (96 for $15 in both cases).
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You could go with 64 lottery tickets. C'mon, $64 is just a little more than $50...
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1/2 Gallon of Vodka?
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A chess board?
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Again, more than $50, but I like the idea of 64 dollar coins tied in a nice little bag or pouch, I did this for my grandfathers 80th birthday...not 64 of them of course.
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64 big, beautiful strawberries.
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How about 6 of one thing and 4 of another?
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For my mum's 50th, her sisters got her 50 things that had 50 things in them. It ranged from colourful paperclips and little coloured binder clips, to 50 little notepads, 50 sticky notepads, 50 pink pencils, and tons of other stuff. They must have gone nuts counting.
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