Who sings the old rocksteady version of I'm in The Mood for Love, playing in a tv commercial now?
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Who sings that rock-steady-ish-sounding version of "I'm in the Mood for Love" that's playing in some current tv commercial?

A tv commercial song has seeped into my head somehow and I want it. I can't remember what the commercial is for, and I can't even describe the commercial other than to say it's out there currently, but somebody in it is singing an excellent version of "I'm in the Mood for Love". Have you noticed it? Can you think of what the commercial is for? It's a male singer, bit of an accent, very laid back, like the guy is singing it from a sleepy hammock. I'm not terrilbly knowledgeable about pre-reggae styles, but I think it's done in rock steady style, not faster like ska. Sounds like a vintage recording, maybe even a little scratchy.

I've googled around and I don't think it's the Heptones - their version is kind of sugary-sappy. And it's not Delroy Wilson - his song by that title appears to be a different song.

Any ideas?
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A couple months back I was trying to identify the song from "The Weatherman" trailer, and was directed to AdTunes.
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There is a very great ska version by Lord Tanamo & the Skatalites. Is that the one you're after?
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HA! YES! Thank you, magic donkey! I mean, hive mind! I mena, Beniamino!

Ahh, that's exactly it. Thank you so much. Songs get stuck in my OCD head and I can't think straight until I've played them. It's like it exorcises them and then I can rest. Shoulda been a DJ.
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