I'm looking for a source for "alternative" cubicle walls.
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I'm looking for a source for "alternative" cubicle walls.

I need to partition off part of a large room for an office, but I don't want the "classic" corporate cubicle. I was thinking of some sort of semi-opaque material to let light through but still maintain some privacy. Any pointers to pre-fabricated sources appreciated (as are alternative ideas)
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There is this from IKEA (I know, I know). It comes in a bigger size as well. Find it in the pull down menu. There are also panels you can get to close off one side of the shelf although I don't see them on the website. Or if you are handy you could attach you own custom backing that you can assemble from common hardware store products.

Oh, then there is this...Cubits, which can be totally custom configured. They are semi opaque in various colors. I know they are both shelves but they will do what you want if you have the space.
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Book shelves are an excellent solution or you can use many other things for room dividers. Apartment Therapy gives some really cool idea on their page.
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I don't know if this will be of much help, but I'm picturing something Japanesque, with rice shoji screens and the like. I know they make a more durable material that has the look and translucent properties of rice paper as well.
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Here is the stronger rice paper material I just spoke of. I like the looks of the room dividers on that site. There are some straight "wall" like ones, too. Spendy but gorgeous!
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Fog Creek software uses frosted acrylic sheets mounted directly to steel studs (the architect has more pictures (Flash): click "commercial" then "fog creek software") I don't know of a good source for this product.

There are also "multi-wall" products (polycarbonate panel about 10mm thick, with a sort of cellular cross-section). Duo-Gard's product looks a little less plastic-y to me than others, but it is hard to explain. All the manufacturers will be happy to send you samples so that you can get the look you want.
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My dentist has frosted glass panels seperating her 5 work stations. The supports have been bolted to the floor but I'm sure a free standing structure could be devised with the help of a speciality or comercial glass place.

One bonus is if you put the frosted surface away from you you can write on the smooth side just like a white board.

Glass brick also make an awesome, if expensive and permanent, divider.
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I like the translucent glass/shoji screen idea. Maybe drill holes in in several translucent or frosted glass panes and hang them with invisible wire?
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Seconded on Fog Creek. I love that layout and desperately want to work there.

Sadly, my ATL/COM/Wasabi knowledge is not up to par.
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