Where can I buy a socket 478 motherboard in Manhattan or Williamsburg?
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Where can I buy a socket 478 motherboard in Manhattan or Williamsburg?

I shipped my pc from Arizona to Brooklyn and now I get no display on boot. I swapped out the video cards and still nothing. I tested the monitor on another machine and it works fine. All I can think is that it is the motherboard (or possibly the power supply?) I currently have a Abit IC7-MAX3 and I'd like to just walk into a store tomorrow and walk out with a comparable motherboard. Any ideas?
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There is a small computer store on Graham a few blocks down from Metropolitan (toward the BQE) that might have what you're looking for. Also, J&R Computers is an easy subway ride (L to Union Square, 4 downtown one stop to City Hall). They would definitley have it. You could also check J&R online ( http://www.jr.com ).
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I second J&R; it's generally my first stop for all my computer-related needs.
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Best answer: You really need to do a little more troubleshooting first..
You may have already done all this, but you don't make it clear. You could be completely missing the problem..

Take everything off the motherboard, then reattach the cpu/heatsink, minimal quantity of ram, video and power supply.

If it doesn't post like that you should make sure the power supply still works.

Now, if the power supply doesn't spin up, that's your problem. If it does spin up, it is probably the motherboard, but you don't actually know for sure until you do more tests..
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Best answer: I got my last 478 motherboard at Madison Computer Works in Manhattan, and would recommend them. Not fancy, but gets the job done.

To add to Chuckles' suggestions, take your whole machine in to Madison, and try swapping the power supply first.
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Response by poster: As it turns out, J & R and the place on Graham did not have any socket 478 motherboards. Madison Computer Works did indeed sell me a motherboard but when I got home and pulled the chip out, I decided to put it back on, just to test the old motherboard. Now the old motherboard works! I should have followed all of Chuckles advice first.
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