Looking for a simple web site monitoring tool
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I'm Looking for a simple windows-based web server monitoring tool (preferably free) that can sit and run (as a service would be nice) and ping a remote website at a pre-determined interval and just fire off an e-mail notification if it does not get a response. I checked out IPCheck but it does way more than I need. Any suggestions?
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Well, how frequently? This may not be the best answer, but you could whip something up in vbscript very quickly that will do just this, sleep x seconds/minutes, etc, for 60 minutes before closing. Then set that to run as a scheduled task every hour, and you're good. It's not fantastically elegant, but it'd be fairly quick and entirely within your control.
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I found Montastic a couple weeks ago and it seems to work pretty well. Seems like 10 or 20 minute intervals and it shoots off "down" and "up" emails.
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I use montastic, it checks at 10 minute intervals.
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Servers Alive
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