How do you clean slug trails off a cushion?
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Cleaning slug trails! My girlfriend left the window open last night...

This morning she woke up to find a slug in her bedroom (now an ex-slug), and a trail across one of her cushions. Do any MeFites have good tips on how to clean them? What are they even made of anyway?

If it helps, the cushion's cover is velvet, or at least velvet-style.
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What's she tried so far? I've never had any trouble with it- every once in a while the slugs come in my dog door and toodle around on the carpet for a bit, and I just wipe away the trail with a socked foot. (And then I freak out about slugs coming into my house where my dogs might step on one and then get in bed with me, but that's neither here nor there.)

She should be able to get it off (once dry, anyway) with a dry washcloth or towel. A lint roller might work just as well. I would be surprised if it was more difficult than that.
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Response by poster: Thanks for response... nothing tried so far, for fear of making it worse! I'll tell her to just let it dry for now and take it from there...
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Lyn's right, let it dry then just brush it off with a clothes brush or one of those nappy red lint thingies. Slug trails will dry to a fragile kind of substance that will turn to 'dust' and can then be easily brushed away.

this link is both funny and contains additional tips for dealing with slug slime. under no circumstances should you add water to slug slime. it seems that it is hydrophilic.

also, adding any type of moisture might mess up the nap on the velvet / chenille of the pillow, and if it's a delicate acrylic fabric, certain household cleansers could actually bleach/damage/melt it.
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