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How do I create plain category pages and related headline files for inclusion on other sites in Wordpress?

I'm a Wordpress newb, much more comfortable with MT. What I want to do is have individual plain text files (with html) for each category. I also want to have plain txt files with headlines (between 5-10) for each category. The purpose is so that other sites in our network can run an INCLUDE over on their site so that they can display the posts within their site, and not on mine.

How do I accomplish this?

On preview: Naturally the headline pages would have to have their links altered to point to the local site, not mine. Doable?
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Just make a page - based on a template - instead of a post, for any category you'd like to show on it. And use the Custom query-plugin if you'd want to tweak how much posts have to be shown on such a page.

[On my boeklog I made a page just to show all the book titles I've written about, and a different page for all the authors.]
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