How can I get Redovisningsrådets Akutgrupp information in English?
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Swedish Business-Filter: Where can I find the actual text of the Swedish Financial Accounting Standards Council’s recommendations RR 30 – RR 32? Preferably translated into English?

I'm trying to research recent changes in Swedish accounting practices, and the English language pages on the agency's website seem to consist of a single summary page of the entire organization. Even fumbling around the Swedish sections of the site, I can't seem to find a listing of the different RR recommendations.
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This may be a facile suggestion, but have you tried calling/emailing the company? In my experience, many (if not most) Swedish businesspersons speak English, and they may be able to forward you a copy of what you're looking for.
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Best answer: For Swedish language searches, I find the Swedish version Alta-Vista and Yahoo! are generally the best search engines. These appear to be the documents in question:


No luck finding English versions, which might not exist. Most Swedes speak English, but it is not an official language in any sense. Here is the search I used to find the above, maybe tweaking it would work.
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By the way, here is a document highlighting the provisions changed in the two rules with commentary. It is in Swedish, but is shorter and direct to the point of what has changed. (I've only scanned the documents very briefly, they may outdated or working drafts, etc, etc.)
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