Good Filipino restaurant in Seattle?
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Where's a good place to get Filipino food in Seattle?

I'm a half-filipino guy living in Austin. I never get to have any Filipino cuisine, like ever. I am visiting Seattle in a couple of weeks. I am looking for a place that serves good Filipino food. I've had weird half-ass Filipino food before (think Tex-Mex when you wanted Mexican) and it left me in a foul mood. Where should I go while I'm there?
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The only great Filipino food I've had in Seattle was at friends' homes. Hmmm. You are making me crave it now. I am going to be home for a visit to Seattle in a couple of weeks, please someone have an answer.
(I can recommend the best Sushi in Seattle however)
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There used to be a hole-in-the-wall place in the University District on Brooklyn Ave. (near 42nd I think), but I don't think it is around anymore. I did some searches and came up with a couple suggestions, but I have not been to any of them so take this comment with a grain of salt:

Vesper Lounge (International District)
Kusina Filipina (Beacon Hill)
Rios Bar & Grill (Downtown)
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You'll notice that Rios and Vesper Lounge are listed with the same address. I think Vesper Lounge is the currently lives there.
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Oh, I do remember seeing one in the U-District - Inay's Manila Grill.
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A recent review of Kusina Filipina from the Post-Intelligencer.

I can vouch for its tastiness. Come to think of it, I need to go there more often. I've only been a dozen or so times in the 9 years I've lived on Beacon Hill.
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Inay's is not the one I was thinking of, unless it moved further north, but that's a good find, milkrate.
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I ended up going to Kusina Filipina, and it was really good. I had the dinuguan and pork adobo and they were really good. Whatever the bananalumpia things I had there were so tasty that our group had like 7 between the 4 of us. Nice balance between the adventurous dishes and not-so-adventurous. The lady who runs the joint is very very very nice and friendly. Great place.
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