Name that rock tune
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Can anyone name this tune? (MP3 file) This is my primitive recreation of a song I heard the other day. More information about the context inside.

I heard a song on the PA at FYE (a music/books/etc. store) the other day. It started out as an instrumental rock number which sounded vaguely like ELO or maybe Queen. I've reproduced a bit of the melody in the MP3. The main melody was played on an electric guitar, probably in chords rather than single notes like I have done. The drums were acoustic and probably nothing like what I included in the MP3, but it was a typical driving rock rhythm.

After a minute or two of instrumental, a male vocal came in, singing to roughly the same melody. A moment later it seemed to transition into a different vocal and melody entirely, but that could have been the next song.

It sounded vaguely 70's but the production quality was better than it should have been so I suspect it was a more recent song with a bit of a retro flavor.

It's been running through my head ever since, and I'm hoping someone recognizes it before I go insane and listen to Amazon's entire catalog to find it. Thanks!
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Knights of Cydonia by Muse?
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I'm sure 4 minutes isn't an AskMefi record, but it's still damned impressive. Thanks! "Knights of Cydonia" it is - I recognize the lyrics you linked to, and the RealAudio sample at Amazon confirms it.

Amazingly, before posting this I had browsed Amazon for likely candidates and listened to the previews for half of this album before giving up on Muse... Of course it had to be track 11.
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Check out the video too (it'll be on YouTube) - it's awesome.
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What blenderfish said.

Here's the video link. Very well done music video.
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The video is excellent... I wish they'd actually make that movie.
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When I heard your rendering i thought it sounded like a Morricone theme, and then I saw the video :)
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