Slow P2P downloads.
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As of two weeks ago, my (entirely legal) Soulseek downloads won't go any faster than exactly 4.1 k/s. If I download more than one file at a time, they'll each go at 2 k/s; four at a time go at 1 k/s each; any more than that and they all fail. My internet is otherwise speedy and the relevant ports are forwarded. Why is this happening to me? What have I done wrong?
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Your ISP may have started to rate-limit P2P traffic. If thats the case, there's relatively little that you can do about it. The 'better' ones work on stateful inspection of all packets, rather than looking at certain ports
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Best answer: well, I apologize for offering the rather offensively obvious suggestion, but you haven't accidentally throttled your download bandwidth, have you? Look to the right of the window full of downloads, under "Max D/L"...
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Where you are and what ISP you use is relevant, since it's possible they're throttling torrent traffic.
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Response by poster: Shoot me.
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Sorry--you said Soulseek, not BT. Throttling is still a candidate, though.
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: )
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