Looking for interesting floor/table lamps.
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Looking for a unique or stylin' a) table lamp and b) floor lamp. Suggestions?

I'm looking for a nice table lamp and floor lamp. I prefer stuff made by artists instead of mass produced stuff but if'n it rocks and is mass produced, I'll consider it. I'm also open to antique/retro so if you've got a link to something that's no longer produced but is cool, please hook me up as I don't mind searching for used.

For instance, I'm close to buying this table lamp but am looking for other suggestions (and opinions on that one if you have it or have seen it).

I know that suggestions would normally depend on the environment they're going to be used in but I think I'll leave it open and ask for links to any lamps that you made you think 'wow' when you saw them. (Don't let that tube lamp link deter you from linking something you think clashes with it.)

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I see you're in Manhattan. You might check out some yuppie design stores nearby:

• moss
• Design Within Reach (!)
• MoMA Store
• Unica Home
• Wright20
• Relish

I won't mention the Scandinavian place, but their incidental lighting is very inexpensive and can be fun if deployed properly.

Good luck with your shopping!
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Someone on instructables posted this a while ago. Don't know how you feel about making things yourself, but I made one that works perfectly. I still need to add a dimmer switch and paint it though. It has a lot of light, almost too much without a shade of some kind. It also puts out a lot of heat - i'm going to use it in the bathroom come winter. Here's the link (I'm no good with the linky).


Oh, and it's a LOT cheaper than $225.
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Oh, it's a copy of the lamp you're thinking of buying.
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How does making your own White Trash Lava Lamp grab you? The lamp body is a Gallo wine jug, and the "lava" a combination of rubbing alcohol and mineral oil (drug-store laxative).
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The Moloch XXL?
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I think this Herman Miller Leaf design is kind of cool.
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Check out Apartment Therapy's page on cool designy lamps available in NYC.
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Previous Apartment Therapy link goes to their page of reader questions about lamps (often, "where can I get this lamp?"). Whereas this link right here goes to the index of blog entries about lighting, so has many more lamps.
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