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Any MeFites have experience with Focus Night and Day contacts? I'm not necessarily interested in sleeping in them, but my current contacts make my eyes uncomfortably dry all the time, so I'd like to know if the N&Ds are as comfortable as they claim.
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I've been wearing them for 3 months now, but I leave them in all the time. I find them as comfortable, if not more comfortable, than my old one-month disposables (sorry, I don't remember the brand). I have really dry eyes and my eye doctor says my eyes are healthier wearing the Night and Day contacts 24/7 than they were when I was wearing the monthlies for 14-18hrs/day. Some of the staff at my eye doc's office wear them just for daily use and they say that they're way more comfy than the regular lenses for that kind of wear, too.

If you do want to wear them 24/7, I usually find that they're a little blurry in the morning but that they get sorted out while I'm showering (must be the added moisture). If they're still blurry after showering, I just put a drop of contact-friendly eye drops in each eye and everything's golden. Anything else you need to know?
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Are you already using the soft disposable kind? If not, I'd try those before the night/day ones. My eye doctor likes to expound about their potential for causing ulcers and all kinds of nasty things.
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Yours Truly wrote a review of these lenses for epinions a while back. In short, didn't really care for them, they seemed blurry, but it might be better for people with less strong prescriptions than mine.
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I completely abuse extended wear lenses, and my doc put me in these almost two years ago. At the one year check up, he said my eyes were MUCH healthier. He still yells at me for sleeping in them for so long, but if I'm going to be anyway, these are much better than what I was using before (Acuvue 2). As far as comfort, I didn't really notice any difference at all.
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I think I'm on month 3 of my current pair of disposables (Acuvue), and I'm finally about to run out of the 6 month supply I got almost 4 years ago. I can only assume the new 24/7s are thinner and therefore more comfortable, but I don't know if they would last as long.
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I'm kind of like ferociouskitty. I wore my old monthly (night taken out, in theory) disposables like night & days and never had problems. I can tell a difference with the Night & Days though. My eyes breathe a lot better. And I do have a pretty strong prescription (-5.5 left eye, -6.0 right). FWIW, my habits haven't changed b/c of them, but I feel better knowing that what I'm doing now isn't making my already bad eyes worse, hopefully. Most eye doctors will give you a trial pair before you order a six month dosage, so just ask and give them a shot.
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Yeah, for the record, my prescription is -10.0. If the halos I got with the Night & Day were half as annoying (i.e. if my prescription was more like Ufez's), I might well be wearing those lenses today. As it is, Acuvue 2...
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the input. I think I'll try some disposables (2- or 4-week) first, as they're a lot less expensive. We'll see if those are an improvement.
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