Will iTunes recognize song titles on CDs?
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How do I get iTunes to recognize song titles on CD's when I put them in my drive? My roommate just got a Mac and I'm trying to help him put all of his CD's on it without having to type in song names.

Nevermind, I got it.
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Hey Frank...

Since you figured that out, I'm guessing you already know that highlighting one or more titles and pressing cmd-I will get you a window that will let you edit the song attributes.

Very handy, for example, when an attribute is wrong for an entire album (Hotie and the Blowfish?), you can just re-write that _one_ attribute for all the titles you selected.
posted by silusGROK at 1:47 PM on January 17, 2004

Or hitting cmd-a (select all) then go to "advanced" and click on "get track info (cddb)" or something like that. And be connected to the internet.
posted by mecran01 at 5:38 PM on January 17, 2004

on the off-chance that this will be seen, would someone mind actually posting the answer to this question rather than just saying it has been figured out?
posted by zorrine at 9:42 AM on January 18, 2004

Well, basically, make sure you have an Internet connection so iTunes can go look them up in CDDB. No Internet connection, no track name lookup.
posted by kindall at 10:35 AM on January 18, 2004

Specifically, under "general preferences", make sure "connect to internet when necessary" is checked.
posted by ook at 4:55 PM on January 18, 2004

awesome. thanks very much.
posted by zorrine at 12:36 PM on January 19, 2004

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