Unified Messaging: Fax, Voicemail, Storage - Help?
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I am looking for a unified messaging service that would ideally provide fax (receive/send), voicemail, file storage, maybe email, ssl would be a big bonus. I've looked at several fax services, but they don't provide voicemail. I know there are many of these services available, but positive experiences and recommendations from Mefites would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance. BTW, $20 or under would be perfect.
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I've been using Maxemail for almost eight years. They provide a local number, inbound and outbound fax-by-email, and voicemail (retrieve by phone/email/website, with caller ID and pager notification.) Price is $24.95 for three months (Maxemail Plus.)
I use it as a unified inbox; my mobile, home, work, and Skype numbers all forward into it.

It is a great service - it has never been down, and I've never even had to contact tech support or customer service. No file storage, though.

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I used to use uReach. They have a couple of different services. uConnect and uMessage offer fax, voicemail, and email and various other things. I have no idea what ssl is, so I don't know if they have it. uMessage has plans starting at $10.00. uConnect starts at $15.00. I barely used them (and canceled them a while ago only because I didn't use them) but I didn't have any problems with them.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I will take a look. BTW, moneyyouknow, ssl is Secure Socket Layer which provides for the encryption of information to/from a web site. It's what the banks use and the address always begins with https.

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digitalmail.com maybe?
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