There is no such thing as a chocolate martini.
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Chicago Filter: Where can I drink excellent, properly made classic cocktails? Save me from the caramel-corn-nipple-tini.

I'm looking for a bar where I can order, say, a sidecar, and I will not have to (a) tell the bartender what goes in it, or (b) hurriedly specify that I want it straight up before he or she can dump it over ice.

In my dreams, this bar would have more than one kind of brandy and would use fresh lemon and lime.

I used to like the Long Room a lot, but lately their drinks and service seem to be kind of meh. I was excited about the Tiny Lounge, but it seems to be closed. Where do I go?
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jilly's in the gold coast. the bar at the Drake (coq d'or)used to be very good at this sort of thing, but it's been years since i've been there.
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actually, i say "jilly's in the gold coast" but it's more like "jilly's at the edge of the rush street meat market" but it's never been part of that old-men-and-fake-boobs crowd when i've been in it.
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The bar at Gibson's (on Rush) and 'The Bar' at the Peninsula.
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Also -- Le Bar at the Sofitel.
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The Gold Star on Division is divey but their bartenders have always been on point, at least for me. You might want to check out the California Clipper on California, as well.
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Coq D'Or at the Drake, definitely. Still good.
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Gene & Georgetti. It's at Franklin & Illinois in River North. Enjoy!
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Tavern on Rush isn't bad.
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/also - Green Dolphin Street
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The Green Mill has been pouring incredible sidecars, manhattans and martinis since 1907. Al Jolson used to sing there, "Machinegun" Jack McGurn, one of Al Capone's henchmen used to part-own it. This is *the* classic nightclub of Chicago. It's also the best jazz room in the city. I guarantee they have several brands of brandy. And if you order a chocolate martini, they'll laugh in your face and motion for the bouncer.
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Oh, and I almost forgot -- the Matchbox pours a mean cocktail too.
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Another vote for Matchbox. And Iggy's once was the ideal for this sort of thing, but I haven't been there since they moved to Wicker Park.

You can more than one kind of brandy at Danny's in Bucktown, but I can't vouch for the availability of fresh lemon or lime.
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the bartending at Iggy's in Wicker Park is substantially the same as it was on Milwaukee, but the whole experience is so very much noncomparable (dogs! baby carriages! upstairs deck! baseball caps! it's night and day!)
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The best Sidecars I've had in Chicago were at Matchbox (Chicago/Milwaukee/Ogden) and the Signature Room (96th floor of the Hancock). They both win big points for ambience on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, as well.
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I once enjoyed a really good martini or seven at Fulton Lounge. They also make the silly kind though too.

How about the Pump Room? Classic bar, Chicago institution.
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