Editing a Samsung Wireless Keyboard's eject button
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Possibly too obscure, but I've got a Samsung Wireless Keyboard which has a drive eject button at the top. Any ideas how I can change the drawer it opens (it currently triggers the CDR when I use the DVD the most). There isn't an option section of the software for that and I've checked the .ini files and there doesn't appear to be anything in there I can change...
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It probably just uses the first CD drive it finds. Assuming IDE, try swapping the drives around (the drive letters will change too).

(note that there are some performance considerations, but it's probably wisest to have your hard drive on primary master, dvd drive on primary slave, and CDR on secondary master anyway, which would probably be a change in order from what you have now).

(not this post has assumed a heck of a lot. Post more info if system layout is different)
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To contradict fvw, I'd always put the two optical drives on the same IDE channel, since you're probably a lot more likely to copy from your hard disk to/from a CD drive than you are disk to disk.

IDE channels can work simultaneously from one to another, but data can't be read from one device and written to another on the same channel simultaneously.

Jus' saying.
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Response by poster: Actually I quote like the drives in the order they are. Any software suggestions?
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