What are your favorite clothing lines?
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What are your favorite clothing lines?

I am a male and would like to buy cool non-name brand (and hopefully reasonablly priced) clothing. Are ther any sites that I could search for new clothing lines designed by university fashion students or something of the likes?
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perhaps the closest you can get is


i own a lot of threadless tee's and the quality seems to be slipping. but i hear only good things about oddica.

i thought it might be nice to list the labels i wear, you might get to see some clothes you wouldnt otherwise see.

j-money cant seem to find their site
BBC/ICE cream < - these are so not reasonably pricedbr> http://anewyorkthing.com/

you can find the majority of these labels and maybe other inspiration at


and for watching the hype around all the latest clothes and kicks check out

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my favorite local designer recently released their new collection, all mens, and all awesome. they make *the best* pants ever. ">gypsy and loic - they're based in sf but it looks like they sell to a shop in new york, too.
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For awesome guy clothes, I like stuff from squidfire, little paper planes, and chocosho.
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Could you make explicit if the NY in your username indicates you live in New York, USA? Otherwise, where do you live?

This sort of question calls out for local advice.
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