How to Create a Calendar Feed for Favorite TV Shows?
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Are there any websites or services that allow me to create a calendar feed for my favorite TV shows?

Do you know of any service that allows you to create a custom iCal feed of your favorite TV shows?

What I picture is this: I go to a site and mark off Lost, Veronica Mars, My Name Is Earl, etc. and it gives me a unique iCal address that includes information on all episode airings.

Is there something out there?

I would love to have an updated, consolidated TV show schedule that I can juxtapose next to my regular calendar in Google Calendar.
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And they have a web-page widget:
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Have you tried searching for public calendars on gcal ?

Under your list of calendars you can search public calendars and get icals created and published by other users.
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Camworld, I like Meevee a lot but those are RSS feeds, not iCal feeds. I can't add them to my calendar.

Duckus, I have about 8 or 9 TV shows I'd like to track and I'd prefer not to have to add 8 or 9 different calendars to my Google Calendar... I need something that can mash the iCal feeds together.
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Is there a way to do this that respects the timezone of the user? As a West Coaster, I find that most calendars made are designed for East Coast, so whether it's iCal or a public Google Calendar, shows that start at 9pm for me show up on my calendar at 6pm. I wouldn't even mind adding multiple calendars, if I could just adjust them for PST.

As for jmprice's question, isn't there a bit of a workaround where you could create a fake calendar, add all the public calendars with all the shows you want to keep track of to your fake calendar, and then grab the iCal feed (which I believe Google Calendar provides) of your fake calendar and add it to your real calendar? I hope that made sense...
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I think can do it.
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CAT - Calendar for TV provides a general new TV episode calendar, or you can set a filter (cookie-based, so for one computer only) with your favorite shows.
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Evoketv has iCal feeds for a schedule of your favorite television shows. Evoketv, by virtue of its different feeds, is really the first TV guide that I felt was worth using. And I've tried more than any sane person would ever admit.
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I use to track when shows are coming out and also to mark off when i've watched or acquired the episodes. I find it the best place to keep up on what i've got/missed.

They have an RSS feed.. which is useful for bloglines.. but doesn't help me to put it into google cal/ical.. Sooo.. a resourceful forum member decided to make his own converter which you can find here.

Hope this helps!
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