I am in ur webz, aksin ur questins
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MemeFilter: What is the origin of the "I am in ur [something], [doing something]" meme? It usually uses JeffK-esque spelling ("ur", and a lot of z-endings). Some examples inside.
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Best answer: Wikipedia entry
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It's come from the game Starcraft. "I am in ur base killing ur doodz" is a now nigh mythological message sent from one player to another while he stomped the other's army into powder.
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Previously - i'm in ur base, killing ur d00ds
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Response by poster: Sigh. See, I should have known that. And if Wikipedia's search had returned anything for a search on "I am in ur", I would have. Thanks, all.
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I'm behind the times. My introduction to this latest meme was via this animated gif.

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In ur cat
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I think my two favorite ones were
im in ur fridge, eatin ur f00dz
im in ur myspace, postin ur n00dz
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Thanks lyam, that was fantastic.
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Also previously.
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I had no idea of the origin, but I found these a while ago:
im in ur base killin ur d00dz
im in ur base kissin ur d00dz
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I'm in ur pants, killin your pubez

And I like Jessamyn's: I'm in your plant, plantin your plants
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Oh, gods, lyam. I clicked on that at work and almost choked to death, struggling not to laugh out loud.
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sorry for the big image.
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Brilliant meme.

(Then again, I like Ceiling Cat too)
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The wikipedia entry has been removed, but this is a fairly good summary. Tip of the hat to Anil.
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