Yen to Pounds : Best Exchange Rates?
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Currency Exchange: I have a handful of Japanese Yen and a desire the British pound wasn't so strong. What are my best options for getting my Yen converted into Sterling?

Any advice as to what I could do with my Yen to increase its Pounds Sterling value?
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Convert it from within the UK.
posted by pompomtom at 11:50 PM on September 21, 2006

Buy a commodity with it that the Japanese have alot of but the British have none of in Yen, and then sell that commodity in Pounds. Say, perhaps, computer chips, non-embarassing royaly, or self restraint (hey-o!)
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Ooh, good call, ChasFile. Only how about buying a hot collectible in cash in Japan and then selling it via online auction?

About 8 years ago at the height of the PEZ dispenser boom, a friend requested a set of 5 Japan-only PEZ that could be bought at any convenience store for 300 yen a piece. They paid me actual cost plus tip, but after I saw how much the set was going for on eBay (well over 4, 5 times their value), I purchased another set and sold it for kicks. They went FAST. I should have bought more.
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Yep, cultural arbitrage is the way forward. Look at British blogs with an interest in Japanese culture and technology, pick something small and cheap (strappus, pens, chocolate) and head to eBay.
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If you're considering a straight-up currency exchange, XEtrade has a best rate guarantee. After shopping around, I found it beat anything else I could find by at least a percent, there's no minimum trade, and if you choose your method of money transfer carefully (i.e. you don't use wire transfer) then there's no flat fee, so the cost can be really low.
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Response by poster: I am actually back in the UK, which alters things a bit. I have signed up for XEtrade. Any other ideas?
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