Where can we let Kitty run?
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New York City Dog Lovers: Where can two car-less Manhattanites (and one miniature poodle) go for the weekend?

We just need to get out of the city for three days and would love to find a place we can let our pup run around safely (within a fenced area). Any advice/experience?
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Maybe this would be a good place to ask this question.
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Response by poster: I'm posting there too (thanks), but I know there are many NYCer MeFites. And this place is much more active.
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Connecticut! Find some place to go hiking, or one of the numerous B&Bs. Metro North allows you to take your dog on the train, just needs a leash.

You can take a Metro North train to the Appalachian Trail station if you want to do an overnight in the woods.

Also, NYC has numerous dog parks that your dog can run arround in.
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Have you checked out the Metro North One-Day Getaways?

It's my understanding that your dog will need to be in a carrier to ride the train, and I'm not sure about fenced in areas, but I'd imagine there must be something there that fits the bill.
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I take my dog on the Metro North trains almost every weekend without a carrier, she usually just sleeps under the seat. She's a 22 lb terrier mix if it helps.
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