A great costume
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Creative, witty, funny, or just plain great costume?

I currently go to a boarding high school that never, ever allows regular clothes (uniforms only). That is, with the exception of the senior halloween party.

I need a costume that is memorable, but not questionable... along the lines of something funny, but not too out there... and preferably something I can just buy.

So far, it's either priest or power ranger.
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Just search 'Halloween costume'.

This topic's been posted many times before, even very recently.
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Response by poster: I've looked through most of them... a lot of them are either DIY or not focused on the group of people I'm aiming for.
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Priest. I couldn't find an adult Power Ranger.
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Yes, last year I dressed up as Pope Leo X, and God, the women were all over my mitre.
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orange jumpsuit?
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Ellen Feiss
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What's your alter-ego? Your anti-senterstyle?
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Why not go as a priester ranger, or power priest?
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Costumes that you "just buy" are generally lame.

A fun thing to do is get a theme going with your best buddies. Last Halloween, a bunch of us went as the majority of the pilots from Top Gun: flight suits with names ironed on, patches, dog tags, and snazzy sunglasses. And a good portion of the script memorized, especially the part where everyone sings "She's Lost That Loving Feeling."
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A simple one that made me chuckle when I saw it a few years ago was simply a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of avaitor sunglasses. Instant Unibomber costume.

Alternatively, torn dirty clothes and some simple makeup and you could be a zombie. Also known as the 'death of the party'

Ouch ignore that last pun.

One year my buddy went as a vampire and I went as a priest/ vampire hunter. We had loads of fun doing impromptu combat trying to kill one another.

Definitely try to avoid the "Just buy" costumes. Unless you are spending a lot of cash on a good one, they do tend to be kinda lame.
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Don't go as just any priest, go as Judas Priest. With your clerical garb and sandals, carry a moneybag with 30 silver pieces — and a tube of ChapStick®.
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I just had the idea today of getting together a group and doing Zombie Village People
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Go as Flea circa 1988 -- i.e., nude with a sock over your privates. It's a costume you can buy at any convenience store (for a dollar).
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Swim fins, leg-warmers, tu-tu, and a shako.
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Best answer: No no no no no. Instead of going as a priest, go as a nun! Preferably with a stick-on beard. Think "Monty Python".

Alternatives, any Rocky Horror character, any anime character (search for "cosplay" for ideas), or do what I did senior year of high school: dress as outlandishly as possible, add a towel as a cape and an optional tiara, and if anybody asks, say you are Oberon, King of the Faeries in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
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When my sister was five, we took a plastic grocery bag and cut two holes in it for her legs. Her arms fit through the handles of the bag. We then filled it up with empty containers (orange juice carton, milk bottle, egg carton, box of cookies, etc). I thought that was a brilliant home-made costume. You ofcourse, would need a larger bag.
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Senterstyle established in his question that he has more money than time or patience - He would rather buy pre-made. I found a shop in my area that rents costumes for under $US 80/day - why not check the yellow pages under costumes and give them a call to see what is available?
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Go as Hugh Hefner and enlist some playmates.
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A few years ago I went as Soy Bomb (just in case). Amazingly someone else at the party came as him too.

Personally I always think buying a ten dollar costume and wearing that nonchalantly is funny. I wore one of those cheap felt Pumpkin costumes another time, but wore normal clothes and a hat and had my beard so I looked half-assed (to some in annoyingly ironic way, but I stll found it funny). This year I might do the same with a cheap pink princess costume.
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Best answer: I always get laughs when I put on my Tazmanian Devil costume. But then, I have no shame. And a girlfriend. So I'm not particularly worried about trying to get chicks :)
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Can never beat going as Thomas Magnum, P.I.
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I always get laughs when I put on my Tazmanian Devil costume.

omigosh that's so cute! haha!
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I once saw a guy use magic marker to replicate the tattoos on Guy Pierce's character from Memento. He just wore a loose white shirt, unbuttoned. It was a nice effect.
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Santa Claus.
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omigosh that's so cute! haha!

See? :)
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Funny costumes at a previous Halloween party (maybe too topical):

- UN weapons inspector. Dressed up in a white lab coat, tracking "offenses" on a clipboard the whole while, ex: "Girl with huge rack carrying unauthorized pistols" (Lara Croft), "Zombie keeps demanding brains", etc.
- Bumfight. Dressed as, well, a bum, complete with Salvation Army issued coat. He raided the snack bar, stuff pita bites into one pocket. (I filled the other pocket with hummus...)
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Get a kids size, store bought costume just big enough to not completely come apart...

I did that a few years ago with a Spiderman costume...sleeves only just past my elbows, pants barely below my knees. Oddly enough, all the girls at the party thought it was adorable.

If you can get one of the new ones with the buff plastic chest, even better!
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Best answer: Go as a nun, especially if you are male, and don't shave for several days prior.

Along with your nun costume, you should carry a cross and a half-empty bottle of Jack.

For the win, if you are in some contest, have an aborted foetus drop out from betwixt your legs, attached by the umbilical. Let the foetus drag on the floor behind you all day.
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