Going to Vegas! Tips for getting into clubs (for a bunch of guys)?
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Going to Vegas! Tips on getting into clubs (for guys)? Or.......Are these types of passes a legit deal?

So myself and 7 other guys are all going to Vegas in October.
Its been a while for all of us since we've been there last, but we want to hit up all the "hip" (ugh, I hate writing that) clubs along the strip.

We're all a little concerned about being able to get into the good clubs with the number of guys we have without having to spend $100 a person and getting a bottle (or 2).

So I started looking into passes being sold on eBay. They all seem to be sold by the same guy, with good feedback (some of it actually mentioning passes/tickets).

So what do you guys think? Any other tips about getting into clubs with 6-8 guys (besides showing up at 9:00 or passing C-note :)?
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No experience with those types of passes, but lots of experience with Vegas clubs.

Oh, looking at your link I guess you didn't mean strip clubs, did you? d'oh.

Anyways, I have a slight amount of experience with those "other" types of clubs, so here's my advice:

- Dress better than you think you have to.
- NO WORN OUT DENIM (if you spent less than $100 on your jeans, think again).
- NO FLIPFLOPS. Wear real shoes.
- Bring more money than you think you'll need to.
- Be prepared to pass the occasional $50 (this is separate from the above advice item, by the way).
- Be prepared to still have to wait in line. Probably for a long time.
- Don't be a jerk or try too hard to get in.

Watch what the bouncer's like at the club you want to get in to and react to that, don't be all guido about insisting that you're cool or you'll "set him up" or anything. Discretion is key. Groups of guys are pretty low on the getting-into-hip-clubs food chain, but it can be done.

Good luck.
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My instinct is telling me that the pass might get you in the door, but you'd still have to spring for whatever they normally make you buy once you're in, but I have no specific information on this.
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NO WORN OUT DENIM (if you spent less than $100 on your jeans, think again).

"worn out" and "cost more than $100" are very, very far from mutually exclusive when it comes to jeans.
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Yeah, but there's a huge difference between worn out Theory or Seven jeans, and worn out Levis.

Unless they're seriously vintage.

But that really only works on hot women, and heels and the current must-have purse are usually involved.
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But that really only works on hot women

I have a male friend who happened to be wearing True Religions when going to a club in LA. The bouncer said "no jeans.. oh, wait, true religion, you're fine".

The mind boggles. But.. fashionable jeans do seem likely to help you get in.

<derail topic=jeans>
This assumes you already have them. I can't imagine buying "premium denim" retail, and I certainly wouldn't recommend it. I paid between $40 and $90 for every pair that I have save one, all of which retail somewhere between $150 and $350.

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I'm not a guy, but I am a butch lesbian - it's practically the same thing in Vegas (and elsewhere)... and I found great success going to a restaurant in the same hotel and tipping well - then asking my server to hook me up. It usually works for me. I got into GhostBar at the Palms via a great server at Alize this way. Have a blast.
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"worn out" and "cost more than $100" are very, very far from mutually exclusive when it comes to jeans.

True. I should have said "no worn out, housework, yardwork jeans". If they look worn out, you'd best have bought them that way.
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FlamingBore is spot-on, based on my experience. However, a gaggle of 7 guys, no matter how nicely they're dressed, is something quite different. (Though being polite and spending $ freely always works, as does going on a slow Sun./Mon. night.) If there is one club in particular you especially want to spend time in, stay in the hotel associated with it, and you'll have a much easier time (e.g., Mix at Mandalay/THEHotel lets hotel guests zip right up).

Personally, I think spending quality time in one or two clubs is the way to go -- since if you insist on running up and down the strip hitting all the hot spots in one night or weekend, you'll mostly end up drinking alone and watching other gaggles of guys asking each other where all the hot girls are.
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If you know what places/bars/clubs you're interested in going to they generally list (on their websites) what their cover charges are on what days of the week so you can see if the "pass" is worthwhile. They also list, specifically, what their dress codes are. Some casinos/clubs are pickier than others.

Drinks, however, are something else. You're on your own once you're in. Those can be uber pricey.

The "pass" may also be a misnomer. I don't think it will be a line pass. I absolutely think you'll still have to wait. If the club has a restaurant attached to it, however, you may get in quicker by eating at the restaurant first (like at Tao).

Hope you get into the places you want and have a great time!
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7 guys together is really difficult to pull off in my opinion.

1) You can wait in line for the 'hot' clubs and stay there all night long.

2)I would recommend meeting some girls at the pool or casino, splitting up your group and setting each group up with a girl or two. You want to achieve a low guys to girl ratio. You'll probably still have to shell out cash up front to the bouncer in addition to the cover (including your 'dates') but then you've already got company and you didn't have to wait in line.

This worked out well for us on a bachelor party once. We had 10+ guys and knew we weren't getting into any good clubs. We contacted a guy who gets people on conventions into clubs (ask your concierge) and he hooked us up with a bachelorette party. We still had to pay cash up front, but then we had a bunch of friendly girls to hang out with. We kept skeevy dudes off their backs when they danced and they got us into the club. Symbiotic relationship.
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