SIM card in NYC?
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Where can I buy a prepaid SIM card in New York City?

Do most phone card kiosks sell them? I don't need to make international calls with it, I already have an unlocked phone, and I'd prefer a smaller denomination card over a larger.

Also, this is for a world-band GSM phone.
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All phone card kiosks sell them, you can just walk into one off the street—you can't walk more than ten minutes in Manhattan without passing one—when you get into town and get one. T-Mobile and Cingular have prepaid SIM cards; many delis (but not all) sell refills.
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Just to add to lia's response:

T-mobile and Cingular for sure. Should be $1/day you access (only charged on days you use it) and $0.10/minute. Verizon doesn't sell/use SIM chips, but generally if you see a Verizon store, a T-mobile or Cingular store isn't far away.
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