Help me find more good indie-electro dance music!
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Help me find more good indie-electro dance music!

While this thread addressed the pop-type electro scene, I'm looking for something with more of an edge.

To give you an idea of what I'm looking for - I dig the hell out of Simian Mobile Disco (and can't wait for them to release an LP), older Adult., Codec & Flexor, Soulwax (more specifically some of the tracks off "Nite Versions"), some of the stuff I've heard on the International Deejay Gigolos label (Savas Pascalidis and Miss Kittin), the Kitsune and Colette comps, etc, but I'm really not sure where to look for more (since I'm not in one of the major markets for it, there's not a whole lot of exposure to it here).

Clarifications - not really so much "electroclash" though, so Fischerspooner and Felix Da Housecat don't count. Also, not so much either post-punk indie dance like The Rapture or DFA staples (a little too organic for this exercise). Points for artists, specific tracks, labels, compilations, boards, etc.
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possibly Des Peres... have a listen here.

(full disclosure: friend of the band)
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Try looking at websites like and for ideas on new music - they're really a great help for finding new artists similar to your current favourites.
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Girl Talk?
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Do you have the Digital Penetration comp from the alt-delete label? It's good stuff, though it might all be familiar already.
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Best answer: Digitalism
Erol Alkan
Cut Copy - Fabric 29
The Presets
Etienne De Crecy

Labels Ed Banger, Modular, International DJ Gigolos, Vice, Output, Gomma
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Has Optimo gone electro? They were post-punk funk when I was listening to them (Liquid Liquid).

Second The Presets and Whomadewho.

The Knife
White Rose Movement
Spank Rock
Black Strobe
Hot Chip (in fact, his whole label, which I believe is Ed Banger)
Chicks on Speed
Danse Asshole
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I got into Mew lately, some of their stuff strays into electro dance.
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Optimo are a bunch of different stuff, but yeah, they basically spin eclectic sets like 2 Many DJs (Soulwax) but, you know, with a brain. Lotsa Black Strobe etc alongside the ESG.
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Tracy + The Plastics. Very precise, clinicial keyboard-and-drum-machine backing tracks with lascivious, political vocals.

Sure you must of heard of them, but how about Le Tigre?
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Oh, I forgot - Vitalic. And other stuff on Different/Play it Again Sam labels.
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I would have to recommend the Junior Boys a lot. Its nice and sparse with great vocals and in some ways romantic.

Also to pimp my own productions, I have some dj mixes with jams you would like juding by your tastes at:, you would like the Fresh Air Mix on there, it has a lot of electro and hip hop together.
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The Faint
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Response by poster: Lots of good suggestions; Vitalic, Digitalism and The Knife is the direction I'm interested in (those are groups I'd heard before and do like). Le Tigre and The Faint really aren't quite what I'm looking for though.

Keep 'em coming!
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You could do worse than spending a happy half hour browsing bleep. I got Nite Versions on there, and there is a lot of similar (and not-so-similar) stuff on there.
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Best answer: You should get more hits than misses at these mp3 blogs:

headphone sex
the prettiest pony
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I agree with jontyjago, check out bleep and Warp too.

The IDM list has lots of discussions about this kind of music, moving more away from the Aphex Twin type IDM and going more toward electro and stuff.
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Can I have some of that crack, too?
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The bands you mentioned are somewhat obscure, so I'll try to keep out the really obvious stuff.

The Juan Maclean
Kelley Polar Quartet
Out Hud
Daiquiri (Box Office Poison)
Gravy Train
Professor Murder
Stereo Total
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Ascii Disco
Bangkok Impact

(same guy, I think.)
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And Justice, who I'm sure you know about...
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LCD Soundsystem!
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Response by poster: (LCD Soundsystem and The Juan Maclean fall under DFA, btw)
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Cansei de Ser Sexy, from Brazil.
posted by hot soup girl at 4:13 PM on September 21, 2006 will have more.
Also to look at— Jeans Team, T. Rauschmeire, Ellen Alien, Blechtom from Blechdom, some Matmos. Nambavan and Paza both have free stuff online that's great.

(Cansei de Ser Sexy, much as I like 'em, is totally wrong. As are the Polysics. And Tracy and the Plastics. If the asker would like, I can come up with about a hundred other good bands that also use synthesizers and drum machines but are not what they want. What about Devo? Braniac? Enon? Blonde Redhead! All good, all not what they wanted. Just clearing 'em out).
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I just saw les georges leningrad last night in montreal. They are freakin amazingly weird, hard and fukt !
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My tastes maybe a bit lighter than those listed, but theres some great electronica/electro here:

Tiga - specifically the Sexxor album
Erlend Oye - not his solo music (which nice - but more folktronica) - but his DJ mixes (DJ Kicks, and In the Mix) which are excellent
Cicada - who are housey, but smart enough to listen to
Datarock - the Datarock, Datarock album (awesome)
Erol Alkan (a second recommendation for that)
Hot Chip - (a second for that - unbelievable album)
Jori Hulkkonen - Dualizm (ignore his DJ mixes, which are housey - but his album is nice spikey electronica)
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