Book recommendation on Digital Circuit Design
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I need suggestions for a good book that covers digital circuit design (specifically practical design using MSI/LSI TTL, PLD's, CMOS, FPGA, etc.

I'm taking an intro to digital circuits course, and as much as you can tell me to visit my prof and TA's office hours, I only have so much time.

Currently, our text is Digital Design Principles and Practice by John Wakerly, however, I find this book to be really difficult to understand. We have a course reader, but it's more with an assumption that one understands the text. So I need something that's in plainer English, as I'm having a bit of trouble connecting what I learned in Digital Logic with what I'm learning in Digital Circuits.

Any book recommendations would be greatly appreciated! (It can be a textbook as long as you think it's easier to understand than my Wakerly book!)
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While it focuses on analog electronics, there are a number of very good chapters on digital in Horowitz and Hill's The Art of Electronics. I was in the same boat of having a not-very-good text for digital design classes in school, and this book helped more times than I can count.
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I must second gregchttm's recommendation. The Art of Electronics is truly a classic. It covers *good* circuit design - not just circuit design, and includes examples of *plausible* but poor designs - so they can be avoided. The whole text is written in a very accessible style, and the emphasis is upon *doing* electronics - as opposed to just theroizing about electronics. It is, by far, the best single text I have ever encoutered. Highly recommended.
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