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Can anyone tell me what this animated gif is lifted from?
posted by arielmeadow to Computers & Internet (5 answers total)
Not sure what video footage it is taken from exactly, but pretty sure it has something to do with the new Rayman game coming out on the Nintendo Wii. Rayman Raving Rabbids.
posted by Sevenupcan at 4:53 PM on September 20, 2006

Best answer: Looks like it's from this promo video from E3 2006.
posted by shoseph at 4:56 PM on September 20, 2006

Response by poster: AHA! Thanks. :)
posted by arielmeadow at 5:00 PM on September 20, 2006

Ugh, Rayman, how many long hours have I spent working with you? Polish version, russian, greek, and the ever fun italian version (plus many many others). Nice to see you are still going strong.
posted by Vindaloo at 5:57 PM on September 20, 2006

Arielmeadow: you saw this on 2+2?

or some kind of strange web synchronicity?
(and spelt correctly obviously)
posted by selton at 6:28 PM on September 20, 2006

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