Help me find a classic Spy Magazine Article
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I am looking for an article from Spy Magazine about America's colorful track record with politically appointed ambassadors. The title set the tone nicely--something along the lines of: "Hey Jambo, Does Anyone Here Speak American?"

Google turned up a reference to it in the December 1991 issue, that may or may not be the correct date. [BTW, if you find it, be sure to read it--it's hilarious.]
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Ah, good old SPY. I suspect I have this issue at home. Are you looking for an online copy to read? Or just confirmation that it is in fact in Dec. 1991 issue?
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You probably want to get in touch with this guy or hunt around in the index there. It doesn't look like he's done December 1991, and I'm not up for a scavenger hunt, but perhaps you are? If you could link to the Google search that convinced you it was 12/91, that might help other searchers.
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Well, I just paged carefully through my Dec. 1991 issue (with Pee Wee Herman and Clarence Thomas sitting together in a movie theater on the cover!) and don't see it. I do remember the article. It's probably in an issue I have, so if you get any more clues, I can check through other issues. It's just a bit much to page through every single issue I own.
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I just checked through my almost-but-not-quite-complete collection of SPY from 1991-93, and I couldn't find it. I think I might have loaned a few issues to my boyfriend, though (he wanted to read their article on Jerry Lewis's "The Day the Clown Cried"), so I may be able to track it down yet. The article title definitely rings a bell.
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First of all, how cool. Thanks for your responses. I will try to get a better date. [I gave away my Spys last year.] I am up for a scavenger hunt, Jessamyn, and thanks for letting me know that site was back in business.

Still interested in ambassadorial misconduct, even if it's not presentend with early 90s irony--probably should have broadened the question.

Thank you GaelFC and scody for your meatspace efforts. Maybe we can wait for the book.
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I write (or wrote ) Ten Years Ago in Spy and I don’t remember that article. I do remember some other article on ambassadors.

Somebody work up an index! (Somebody other than me.)
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