Whisper Wear: Innovation or Marketing Gimick?
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ProductReviewFilter: Anyone here have any experience with the Whisper Wear breast pump? It looks like a great solution for my particular situation, but I'm wondering ... does it really work as well as a traditional pump?
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I have some pump experience, though not with the model you mention. It would help to know exactly what your particular situation is. Off-hand, looking at the demos for this model, I'd be most concerned about two things: power (is there enough so that pumping is efficient and fast) and positioning (will it stay in place well). Let me know what your situation is and maybe I can give some other pointers.
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Me again. I just checked the La Leche League forums for feedback on the WW and the word there is not very favorable (from about 5 users). Someone there also mentioned reviews located on babycenter.com.
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Thanks, cocoagirl. I wasn't able to locate forums on the LLL site - can you link to them, or email me (email is in my profile).
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Here you go, if you haven't received the link already.
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