What's that noise in Fleetwood Mac's Tell Me Lies?
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CheeseFilter : Fleetwood Mac - what's that noise?

On Fleetwood Mac's "Tell Me Lies" or "Little Lies" as it's called sometimes, there's a noise at the beginning of each chorus (first instance is about 45 seconds in, just after the drum fill, then when the backing singers sing "tell me, tell me lies")

Sounds like someone dragging a piano across the floor, or wedging open a tea chest with a crowbar - "bdurrrp" or something similar.

So MeFites - wtf?
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I am going to guess. I think it's Lyndsey on guitar. He plays with his fingers, with his nails, in a really weird style and i would say this is him possibly scraping his nails on the strings or the like.
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I hear it... sounds like a synthesizer sound to me.
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weird that i never noticed that, although i try to avoid listening to that tune ... it sounds to me like it could be a low piano string being hit with something ... or perhaps a percussion instrument

there's weirdness going on in the instrumental break, too ...
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It sounds to me like they got Chewbacca to help out with the background vocals.

Actually, I'm sure it's a synth sound of some sort. I'm almost positive that that's a Yamaha DX-7 marimba we hear throughout the track. The DX-7 was the industry standard synth for a few years during this period and was all over every track on the radio. It came with a bunch of odd noises. If you can find a site that features audio samples of DX-7 patches, I'll bet you can find that sound.

It's definitely not fingernails on guitar strings
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This site looks like a good place to start.
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From live performance experience, the noise is absolutely the product of Christine McVie on the DX-7. Without question, I watched for it because I had wondered that myself and was hoping against hope that it'd be obvious who was responsible for it (I actually thought it was a drum rumble) and there it was.
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Wow, Dreama's answer is what continually amazes me about this place. Give 'em a checkmark for future readers please.
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Synchronicity: Just popped FM's "Greatest Hits" into my PC's CD player to hear this for myself, and "Little Lies" automatically cued up in Winamp.

Behold the awesome powers of AskMefi!
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