Pageview of the whole web.
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How many pageviews per day does the entire web get?

Does anyone know, even to the nearest order of magnitude?
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The reason you're not getting any sensible answers is that it's impossible to determine this. The vast majority of websites do not disclose their statistics.

Having said that, if 100 to 1000 million daily internet users view 10 to 100 pages a day, that's 1 to 100 billion page views.
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come now, snarkfilter.

Internet Worldwide Stats and Google Blogoscoped would have some references so that you could begin to make a qualified guess.

If that's no good to you, my guess is 2 grillion.
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by the same token, if 45 - 87 million daily users view 16 - 98 pages per day, that's 720 million - over 8 billion page views!
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