Help me find a boot camp vacation retreat to lose weight and develop my self awareness
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Can anyone recommend a boot-camp style vacation retreat suitable for men where I can kick-off a fitness programme to get me in better shape and perhaps also spend some contemplative time?

I have been considering for some time spending a vacation in a meditative retreat to do some soul searching. What I would like to do is combine that with a physical exercise programme so I can also get in shape.

I am a guy in my late 20's, 6ft tall and around 210lb, so not grossly overweight, but I know it is time to so something about it now rather than later.

I do exercise occasionally, but I can never motivate myself to go to the gym - partly because my negative self-talk convinces me not to, or to give up when I get there. I think an intensive week or two in a boot camp where I could not give up would enable me to kick-start healthier habits.

I am based in London so UK would be great, but willing to travel, so MeFites, please let me know your thoughts!
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You don't need a vacation to jump start you.

You need a good nutrition and exercise coach that you see every week.
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i agree. spend the money on a someone to work with you every week for a while.
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Try this list. I was reading a book recently where the author did a week at the Ashram program in Santa Monica and said that it was one of the toughest workouts she's ever done. There's one in Majorca, so it might be perfect for you.
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Pritikin looks like it would kick your butt into gear. Lots of options for physical activity, healthy food and medical consultation. Expensive, though.
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I would suggest that you first consider hiring a fitness trainer at your local gym, someone you can work with once or twice a week and build up to going four or so times a week on your own or with a workout partner. I had a trainer and had to push him to make me a fitness plan, but once he did I have been able to get going in no time. It's about your level of commitment, obviously, but if you are interested in getting your weight down, find a routine that stresses cardio and then after about thirty minutes of that use your remaining energy on the free weights.
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I am not in London, in fact, I have only ever spent a weekend there...
But you might check out a learn-to-row program. It's great exercise, there's a verystrong community aspect to it and with enough practice, it's high on the meditation factor.
At the very least, it's something new that's active.
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Best answer: It's not quite what you asked for but if you're struggling with motivation to get fit you might find that British Military Fitness give your the kick up the pants you need more effectivly than some namby pamby Holmes Place personal trainer. And no, you don't have to join the services - you just get fitness training from former Army and Marines fitness instructors.

Can't help you on the residential thing I'm afraid nor on the contempative side of things but I will observe this: I just did exactly what you're describing for 10 days.

Go down to the Gower peninsula in South Wales, (learn to) surf all day long and camp by the beach. I guarantee that you'll come back in great shape having had lots of time to yourself (in spectacular surroundings). Just a suggestion mind.
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You could consider taking a conservation holiday. BTCV offers activity breaks in Scotland and worldwide. Get fit and improve the environment, just don't ruin your good work by spending all evening in the pub.
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