Are we insurable?
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We're (myself, wife and 3m old daughter) going to Germany for a long weekend at the end of October. Wife and I have already got an annual travel policy, but need to get a policy for my daughter. Our policy is through the bank and they will not add her.

Complication is that my daughter has got a problem with one of her Kidneys and is on the waiting list for an op. Indication is that the op will not be until Nov / Dec.
Will we be able to get insurance for her?

2nd part of the question, we booked the trip about 9 months ago, what's the likely stance of our insurance if we have to cancel due to the op being scheduled for that week? We did not know anything about the kidney problem when we booked.
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What country do you have insurance from?
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If you call up the people at they might be able to help.

I have used their service several times, and found them to be quite helpful when you call them directly.
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You should be insurable for preexisting conditions as long as you tell the insurers straight off. They'll have a list of things they won't cover, which will in my experience (albeit not of kidney problems) basically be anything that starts before you go, or if you try to get the op itself over there. You may need confirmation from a doctor that they think the trip is doable by your daughter.

This looks like it will be helpful to you.

You're perhaps unlikely to get cover for cancellation due to the op. However, ask about this, and if they're ok with it make sure it gets sorted out well in advance.

Basically remember to get EHICs, tell the insurance company everything when you get the quote and buy the insurance and you'll probably be for the most part fine. Just don't try to cheat them.
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k8t - we're in the UK

edd - cheers that looks great - never thought to actually look on a Kidney website
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