need a firm-backed back pack, jack.
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Bags. I need a backpack with a firm-ish back. Ideas?

I need a decent-sized, sturdy backpack (~1200 cubic inch or better) with a hard or rigid back; by this I mean the part that sits against my body. I am sick of floppy bags that require me to hold the lip of the bag at an awkward angle in order to liberate its contents, or wrestling with it to jam stuff in.

I am willing to consider hard cases like axio, but I'm wondering what people's experiences are with hardcases- if you own or owned one, how is/was it? (not interested in bobllbee [sp?], don't particularly like the styles or prices)

I would rather have a good bag that I can put a laptop and some books in, extra points for bottle pockets and little extra containers. Extra extra points for good back straps.
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I own a MEC Darwin and it seems to meet all your requirements. The laptop pocket is great, and there's plenty of room for books etc. I've found the back straps to be quite comfortable as well.
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I own a Blackhawk Raptor X1 (oooh, hardcore) and it is constructed phenomenally well. The back is semi-hard, made of hard closed cell foam. It's extremely comfortable. It would address most of your issues, but it's rather large, so keep that in mind.
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I use an Osprey backpack called flux, that pretty much gets all the points you can give . Plus one of the buckles is a whistle.
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I have this one

and it has a removable support inside. The pack is great and very comfortable. I have the large size and use it for sking and backpacking but the medium should fit your needs.

PS I joined metafilter because I love this pack so much.
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yea first comment... (for some reason the link thing doesn't work... it's Item 734621 and comes in blue or red...
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I have a Jansport Odyssey pack that has lasted me for over 3 years of heavy-duty textbook and laptop carrying. Huge capacity (2300 cubic inches), 2 water bottle pockets, and amazing cushiony gel straps.
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I have a sling pack by Tom Bihn, called The Buzz. Oh, it's only 600 cubic inches. But it's great for my daily commutes, holds a small laptop, and fits very well against my back.
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I use this Crumpler bag for my camera gear, 17" laptop and other stuff. All of the interior pouches are movable/removable including the laptop portion.

The best part about this bag IMO is that the main access flap is actually against your back. Thus, when you're wearing the bag it's not unzipped, your equipment/stuff isn't spilling out and nobody can steal anything. It's great for overseas travel, not bulky and there's very little snaggable surfaces.

You can find more info all over the web, but most of the pages are flashy/annoying so I'm not linking to them.
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