Does anyone offer piecemeal customized USB drives? Think "spreadshirt" for USB.
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I want the service to offer my customized USB device, but without me having to make large batch purchases. So the service would make the product as the demand requires. Perhaps they are even integrated with a webshop so they can just deduct the cost from the price of the order.
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Somehow this didn't get included: I am looking for a service which offers piecemeal customized USB drive. Think "spreadshirt" but for USB.
posted by torpark at 8:12 AM on September 19, 2006

What do you mean by piecemeal? If you want really small orders why not just buy USB drives and put decals on them?
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Get a metal one and get it engraved. Or maybe sandblasting? Decal is probably easiest like UESMark said.
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How many of these do you want? Just order some custom stickers and stick 'em on.
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What do you mean by customized? A standard drive with custom markings on the outside? A standard drive with stuff preloaded on the flash? Something that isn't a thumbdrive at all, but some other USB device?
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