How to cure a sweaty bum at work?
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What to do about a sweaty bum problem at work?

I sit most of the day at a desk at work programming away. The chairs we have at work are probably the cheapest synthetic material ladened chair they could buy.

I can't wear shorts, only slacks and my ass sweats ALL DAMN DAY casue the a/c sucks.

Is there anything I can do about this?? I'm always paranoid I'll be walking down the hallway with a huge sweat satin on the rear of my pants.
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a) Wear dark colored pants. It will hide the sweat of shame.

b) Buy a small fan. They are great for cooling off at the office.
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Previously discussed here though for different reasons.
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How about a cushion for your crappy chair? Something breathable and/or absorbent. A terrycloth cush for your tush? It would also be more comfy, if you have super cheap chairs. Also, what kind of slacks are you wearing? Make sure your slacks and underwear are cotton, too - no polys or synthetics. Some talc applied liberally to your arse would probably help too, but the natural fabrics are the way to go.
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Yeah seconding iconomy. Try to modify your environment, or you can bring in your own chair maybe.

Also, why not look for a new job?
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Pat yourself down with corn starch.

I know, sounds weird. "CORN STARCH?" Trust me.

There are also powders on the market, such as Shower to Shower and, yes, plain old baby powder that will similarly help.
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You could try adding an extra layer of clothing to absorb any excessive sweat. Some cotton, or other absorbent material, shorts over your underwear, under your pants.
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Ask your doc for a Rx of DrySol, aka liquid aluminum chloride. Apply as needed to said sweaty ass.
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Make sure you're wearing cotton underwear and use baby powder wherever you are sweaty.
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I was able to modify my desk at work to a standing desk, and the list of benefits is surprisingly long. I'm certain it would improve butt sweat issues.
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hermitosis: Isn't baby powder basically corn starch with fragrance? That's pretty much the ingredients on mine.

My two cents: baby powder helps a lot.
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baby powder is often talc, which is non-organic compared to the organic corn starch.

There are non-talc baby powder's though.
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If you don't mind the chemical unknowns of traditional anti-perspirants, Sure makes a non-scented kind that should work quite nicely for you.
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cotton underwear? nah, what you want is tactical high-tech poly underwear, the kind worn by runners/hikers/people-who-do-stuff. i like it whenever it's sweaty out; breathes like crazy, wicks moisture off your nuts & bolts, generally makes you (well, me) happy when it's gross and humid.
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No no, avoid anything that wicks! Wicking means that moisture is transported away from your skin to the air - any material in between there (i.e., a pair of slacks) will absorb moisture.

Baby powder and standing up to take more breaks is my advice.

But I'm not a doctor?
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At first glance this seems silly to me, but it looks like a beaded set cover for your office chair might give you some ventilation.

Oh, and I second the fan idea. I work in an office of people who are always cold (in Maine, go figure), so the office environment is warm, and a fan helps to keep me nice and comfortable.
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but if one's ass is happy and better ventilated, it might sweat less in the first place. i hadn't considered that your trousers might be made of something highly absorbant, but even when it's 1,000,000% humidity my space-age technical underoos always keep me cool & dry.

and 2nd the cab-driver seat cover.
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You fuckers are going to keep me from ever attaining public office.

For that, I thank you.
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I'm always paranoid I'll be walking down the hallway with a huge sweat satin on the rear of my pants.

there's a paparazzi shot of David Duchovny walking around LA with a massive sweat stain on his cargo pants ass. and he's, like, hot. so my advice is, don't worry too much.

also, a freon-filled pillow would cool down that warm ass -- try that
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Underarm deoderant on the small of your back to as low as you really need to go... I have tried this and it works.
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also, a freon-filled pillow would cool down that warm ass -- try that

Not without a compressor it won't.

Seriously, another vote for baby powder, possibly coupled with some other cooling solution proposed here.
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How about modifying one of those bead backrests you can buy for car seats? Perhaps you could get a wicker chair? You could get a perscription for drysol, but adding more aluminum to your body can't be a good thing.
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BTW. When I read the title to this post, at first glance I thought "sweaty bum" was a coworker with poor hygiene!
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A good friend of mine at work had what he called a double-barrel crotch fan under his desk -- just an ordinary window fan, but apparently it did wonders to cure the sweaty nethers that so plague today's modern office worker. I'll also nth the natural fibers/powder suggestions.
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One of these, for the office, and don't sit like a lady.

That ought to air out your things.
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