"The Gold Rush" DVD Re-release
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Last year Charlie Chaplin's "The Gold Rush" was republished on DVD. The original film was released in 1925. Then Chaplin made a new version in 1942, in which he added a sound track with narration. I HATE the sound version. The only thing I like about it is Chaplin's music. When you see the 1925 version (on VHS), you lose the narration (yay) but also the music. The new DVD comes with both versions. Before I buy it, I'd like to know if the 1925 version contains Chaplin's music. Does anyone here own the new DVD?
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I can't stand Chaplin's ponderous narration either. The film plays much better without it. But Chaplin only wrote music for the 1942 version. Neil Brand is credited as the guy behind the 1925 version on the MC5 transfer. But I think I know the music you might be talking about. Years ago, I saw a 16mm print of The Gold Rush that had an adorable tinkly piano theme. I have no idea who composed this, but I was able to track down a battered VHS copy of this which, predictably enough, had no credits. Always been meaning to look into it, just never got around to it. Is this the music you were thinking of?
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I've seen what's described as "Chaplin Collection - DVD-Rip" posted on a BitTorrent site. Only Vol 1. is listed at the moment but it looks like that's the one with the Gold Rush(es). Perhaps, if you have broadband, you could "preview" before you buy. I don't want to cause MetaFilter any grief so e-mail me if you want details.
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Chaplin : The Collection is a 5 dvd set containing older Chaplin movies, circa 1915 - 1920. It doesn't contain The Gold Rush.

Volume 1 : CRUEL CRUEL LOVE (1914), A FILM JOHNNY (1914), TRIPLE TROUBLE (1918)
Volume 2 : THE GOOD FOR NOTHING (1914), CHARLIE'S RECREATION (1914), WORK (1915)
Volume 4 : KNOCK OUT (1914), BETWEEN SHOWERS (1914), A DAY'S PLEASURE (1919)
Volume 5 : SUNNYSIDE (1919), HOT FINISH (1915)

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crunchland, it thought it might be this The Chaplin Collection, Vol. 1.
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ah. it might be. I own the set I mentioned with the similar name, is all.
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