I'll be calling in dead to work today
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Does a service exist that can inform people who might be interested that a person has passed on?

I have some friends in different countries that i communicate with via email. If something were to happen to me I think they would want to know. (That and I don't want people to think I'm ignoring them) Is there any program, service, etc. that one can setup in advance to contact a list of people to inform them of an untimely demise?
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Why don't you place such a list in your will?
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I'm pretty sure there was an email service that would mail out a message if you DIDN'T login and reset a timer at a set interval, but I'm having no luck finding it.

Of course, what would likely happen is you'd mail out a bunch of "I'M NOW SPEAKING TO YOU FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE" messages the first time you went on vacation.
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There is one service, here, that claims to do this. It doesn't work on a timer, and they only send the e-mail(s) after their company receives your death certificate.

I don't know though, I'd much rather just leave a note in my will with the list of e-mails than trust some .com which could go under at anytime to handle my final communication to friends.

Nothing like a little morbidity to start a Monday! GL submitter.
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This is almost frightening. As I was going to bed last night I was wondering about a service like this and wanted to start something up.
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Another similar service here.
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For such a notification to go out, *somebody* has to notify them to do so (eg. with a death certificate) but, if so, why not just have that same somebody notify all your friends?

And the timer solution suffers from the vacation/forgetfulness problem. So...I think if anyone is thinking of doing this they have to tackle that major issue first.
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As to the will question, I'm 27, single, renting with no assets and both of my parents are alive and still married. No will needed.
And both of my parents are so computer illiterate getting them to do this would be impossible, and improbable while grief stricken (i would imagine they would be).
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The best I could think of is if you have a blog that your friends check, then include the login instructions in a will with a request that someone login and post a farewell note on your behalf. This is the arrangement I have, to the point where my will contains the contact details of 3 people I know who have the technical ability to fulfill the task without any trouble.
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CCK: Even if you feel that a will is no longer needed, why not leave a list of people that you want to be informed in the event of your passing. Stick it on your refrigerator with a magnet.
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