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I am interested in setting up a personal wiki that I can use to keep track of things via the web. I have used several different types of wiki, including Twiki, Moin Moin Wiki, and OpenWiki. I'm not sure which wiki clone fits best to light usage, easy access, and backup. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to proceeed? Thanks!
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Kwiki is a very easy to setup (and customize) wiki written in Perl.
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I tend to come back to WikkiTikkiTavi and WakkaWiki (my personal favorite).
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I used phpwiki with much success. The old version (now defunct and unused) is still online here if you'd like to look at it. Our good friend mathowie uploaded a patch to make it output validating XHTML.
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I'm using QuickiWiki on my laptop as a general note-taking repository.
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Phpwiki is dandy, and while, as j.edwards says, the project is mostly defunct, it's not completely so. A new version (1.3.7) came out in December.
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Can someone explain exactly what this "wiki" stuff does. A concise summary at least would be appreciated.

I'm trying to read these pages but my brain literally pops with "Wiki" written so many times.
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rudyfink> the best way to learn is to start playing with it : go edit a wiki sandbox, save your modifications, and see what it does. now imagine the possibilites.
Sandbox (direct Edit link)
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I like that kind of answer. Are all the other variations I see similar implementations or are their substantial differences in feature set?
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i would just like to say that tikiwiki is great. i have a gentoo system and actually found it in the portage system. i had been looking at phpwiki because i wanted a php solution, but it was lacking some features i was looking for. tikiwiki on the other hand has more than i could imagine. at this point i am using it for project development but will be integrating it into my other sites soon. the configuration is pretty easy and painless.
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Blosxom is an awesome weblog/ wiki tool written in Perl, very easy to set up, too.

If you use OS X, Voodoopad is a great desktop wiki application, with further web wiki functionality I have not yet explored.
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