Low cost temporary internet access in Arizona
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Low cost temporary internet access in Arizona? My parents are snowbirds, as in, they spend most of the year in Canada, but choose to live the last few months of winter in AZ. They left last week with a laptop and promises of emailing often, if they can find not-too-expensive-only-for-a-few-months-easy-to-hook-up-ISP. [More Inside]

I setup their last internet access as they have very limited knowledge of this sort of thing. I haven’t a clue where to start, and googling produces a kajillion results. Thx in advance.
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Try Access 4 Free. Free up to ten hours a month, $1 an hour after that, up to $10 at which point they switch you over automatically to unlimited access. You'll never pay more than $10 a month when you use it, but it doesn't cost you anything to keep the account when you're not. I've used this service with my PDA for occasional roaming without difficulty.
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whoa, that sounds great, kindall! What's the catch? Not enough dial-up numbers? No 800# for dial-up? Banner ads?
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See also this thread.
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