Need to find an old tape: Tribute to Baltimore's Memorial Stadium
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In 1991 when the Baltimore Orioles left Memorial Stadium, WBAL released a cassette tape of a tribute to the stadium. Hosted by a Dan Roderick, it was a sentimental journey through Memorial Stadiums past, complete with old radio broadcasts, readings from Field of Dreams and The Natural, and interviews. I had the tape, but lost it recently in a move and really want to track it down. Anybody heard of this tape or have an idea where I can find a copy or MP3 of it? I'd be forever indebted.

It was called like 900 E 33rd St. It started with a jingle for "The Kids campaign" on WBAL. It had two sides. That's about all I know right know, other than that it was awesome.
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Best answer: Yeah, it was produced by friend of mine. Email me and I'll hook you up.
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Wow, AskMe comes through again. Now that the question has been resolved, I have to say that the one time I saw a game at Memorial Stadium, it seemed to me a lousy place to watch baseball. But as a Mets fan who's seen far too many games at the wretched Shea Stadium, I'm in no position to point fingers.
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The affordable seats at Memorial Stadium were far, far better than their equivalents are at Camden. Thus you had real fans there, not just the 'company-seats' crowd.
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Response by poster: Thanks unmark, I emailed you.
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Response by poster: I mean heatwole. thanks heatwole. Check your email!
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