Patridge Family-design luggage in Tokyo station store
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Help me find the cool, colorful luggage we saw at a luggage shop in Tokyo Station and are now regretting not buying. It was a small, wheeled case with a purse/makeup bag included. The case was decorated with colorful squares of alternating hue, like the Patridge Family bus or what I think of as Mondrian design. Blue, white and pink were definitely involved, maybe also red. I think it was $140 American, but may have been 140 Yen. There are so many luggage stores there, though, and we didn't take note of either the store name or the designer. Likely a Japanese maker/designer, but unsure. Any tips would be much appreciated!
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Sorry I don't know anything about the luggage, but it most definately wasn't Y140, as that is only US$1.19 as of today.
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Response by poster: Thanks, duh, it must have been $140 US (or $14000 Yen...we got so accustomed to knocking off two zeros I could have mentally done that).

I'm hoping someone will keep this question in mind and run across this luggage pattern, or similar...maybe not in Tokyo, but on the Web, or in another store, and let me know...
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