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Cost of taking the train from Brussels to Amsterdam?

I want to take a train from Brussels to Amsterdam in early November. I found a site for the trains which list departure times . But there aren't any prices listed. Anybody have any idea what this train might cost and the return? Thanks for your help.
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Check out Rick Steve's Europe Point-to-Point Ticket Cost Map. (click the little map in the bottom right hand corner of the page)
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Use this semi-English Dutch railways page to calculate. I get 33.40 euros, one way. Try it by entering the date you're traveling, select Brussel and enter Amsterdam, click "Travel From Abroad", delete the "Retour" (return) date, click "Geef reis en Preis".
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A one way 2-class ticket will be € 33.40

This is without any possible discount you may find online. Use the website of the Belgian Railway for more information.
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When I did that a few years ago, I went on Thalys high-speed rail. Very comfortable and quick service.
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It is going to cost you about 60 bucks each way, and it is about a 2.5 hour ride. If you are planning to visit any other cities during this trip or within the next few months you might want to consider getting a pass that allows for open travel. They will cost anywhere between 150-350 dollars. Check out and you can order city-to-city tickets or passes.
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You're better off with the 'normal' IC (intercity) train than the Thalys: it's just as fast, the trains are equally comfortable (sometimes more). You need an advance reservation to board the Thalys, for a specific day/hour, and you need to know your hour of return trip as well. A two way IC ticket is much more flexible.
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I second the above advice.

Just wanted to say, it's a boring journey. The countryside is so flat and dull, there's the odd windmill to spark interest, but other than that...
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Yeah I'd go with the IC rather than the Thalys. I agree that it isn't the most intersing journey but there is Antwerpen in between which is a great city!
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Yeah, just grab the IC. It's cheaper and runs way more often.
They also take train passes, whereas the Thalys is its own entity and you have to pay extra. It does go very very fast though.

I actually did this trip several times when I stayed in Brussels, its quite fast (2.5 hours seems kind of slow. 2 hours is more reasonable, if i remember correctly) and the train staff never really bother you, check passports, or search luggage, and the trains were never crowded.
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If you go on a weekend it's only 40 euros for the round trip on the IC, according to this brochure (page 10, in French). It's the benelux-weekend ticket; you can get the rate by leaving on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and returning Saturday or Sunday the same weekend.
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