Where can I process and digitally transfer my 8mm film?
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I have two rolls of exposed, undeveloped super 8mm film in my freezer right now. I want to have processing and a digital transfer done. I've done a bunch of research online, yet I can't seem to find a place that I would feel comfortable sending my film to that isn't astronomically expensive. Where can I have this done? Bonus if its in or somewhat near Chicago.
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I'm pretty sure Gamma down on W. Superior used to do it 7 years ago when I lived there. But according to their website, motion picture film, 8mm or otherwise, isn't one of the services they offer anymore. At least it isn't listed. They could probably refer you to someone they trust.


Gamma Photo Labs Inc
314 W Superior St
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 337-0022
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Get it developed first. If you have had it around for a long time it may not be worth much of a look anymore.

There still are a few places that develop super-8 around the country but you have to realize they cater more to pros these days. They also usually don't get a lot of orders. If you have Kodachrome you may be SOL, that process is only done by one lab in the country AFAIK. This is Dwayne's in Parsons, Kansas. For digital transfer there are quite few places around the country that will do this, here's one, maybe even some reasonable places in IL.
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There's a place in Batavia, on this list. I'm not sure if they do digital transfer, but you could call.
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Have you checked out onsuper8.org?
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I've always done mine at Exclusive, here in Toronto...in case you can't find anywhere closer.
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Just as a datapoint: I've had 8mm and Super-8mm developed at both Dwayne's and BPS (in Batavia), and was pleased with the results of both places. That was about 3 years ago. I'd think that BPS would be the closest lab for this kind of thing; at that time, Loyola and Columbia film students were sending their stuff down there so I'd suspect they are used to dealing with small orders.

No advice on the digital transfer, when I was looking into that a couple years ago it was astronomically expensive. One janky solution would be to project the film and shoot it with a digital video camera...
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I've used Dwayne's too but usually send my film to Yale in Southern California. They're cheap and fast but I don't think they do digital transfer. But yeah, as noted, I'd get it developed first before doing the transfer.
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