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This has been bugging me for ages. Does anyone know why Elizabeth Perkins (Tom Hanks girlfriend in 'Big') appears on screen in press room towards the end of Michael Douglas big speech in 'The American President'? Was a whole sub-plot cut from that film or am I missing some other connection?
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She's not listed in the complete cast credits on IMDB. Maybe it was just an extra who looked like her?
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people occasionaly go uncredited when they just happen to be visiting the set and appear onscreen for the fun of it.

there is an uncredited appearance of Al Gore in an episode of The West Wing (he does a walkthrough - you never see his face).

i don't know that this is the case, just a possible explanation.
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Hm, I guess this question has indeed been bugging you for ages. Good luck.

It seems like if it were Elizabeth Perkins then a nugget of info on it would have surfaced on some Perkins fan site by now. Do you have a screenshot from that scene?
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Response by poster: Yup (sprung).

No screenshot facility sadly (no DVD copy) but it's definately her (I actually checked again before I posted). o2b is probably right, although in my head I wondered if she'd been in a subplot and been cut out ala Andy Garcia in Dangerous Minds but this shot was left in as a sop.
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