Vancouver accountants?
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Possibly a longshot : can anyone recommend an accountant in Vancouver?

I'm looking for one that can advise me on tax issues and possibly do some document preparation for me, particularly with regard to my lengthy and continuing expatriate status.

Also, a follow-on question: I've never actually sat down with an accountant who wasn't just a professional friend helping me out. My expectation is that I might be able to sit down with one to lay out my requirements and get a price estimate for the actual engagement, without charge. Is this the case, or will the initial consultation cost, and if so, what might I looking at, ballpark, for say the initial 20 minutes of his or her time?
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I don't know anyone in BC to recommend but John Mott, a Toronto-based accountant, is an expert on taxes, especially regarding international issues. I've used him for years and highly recommend him. He has clients everywhere, not just T.O.

I can't remember if I paid for the initial consultation but my gut tells me that if you're just wanting to "meet" (talk) and find out if he's your man, there'd be no fee or perhaps a nominal charge.
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I used Odette at You First when I was self-employed. Nice lady and fast service, so I can suggest her. She is a financial planner but they work with an accountant to do taxes. That's the only professional I used that I didn't know as well.
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Gary Wozny of Tompkins, Wozny, Miller & Co. Chartered Accountants is a nice guy who charges a reasonable rate.
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A friend works for Ted Ribeyre. Ted's a really good guy used to working with distant clients.
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Response by poster: Thanks as always, folks.
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