Help me save the world, one Audited Financial Report at a time.
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Where can I find the Audited Financial Reports for a bunch of nonprofits?

I'm doing postgraduate research on international nonprofits based in the United States. This research requires finding a single piece of information found only on the Audited Financial Reports these nonprofits must file with (most) states' charity offices.

My problem: only a few states have a searchable database of registered charities and even fewer have posted any relevant documents online. I've tried Georgia's office but they're a bit too slow and unautomated. North Carolina and Illinois seem to be the best sources, but their databases are incomplete.

Here is North Carolina's information page for Doctors Without Borders. An example of the audit I'm looking for is linked to at the bottom of this page.

I know it's a longshot, but does anybody have any ideas on where to find a large number of these reports online?
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At the risk of telling you something you may already know (and for the benefit of other readers): You might check whether the numbers you want are in the organizations' tax returns, which should be available from the IRS and often here: . Sorry I can't answer your precise question.
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Could you try calling the State office and asking for a hard copy? I've had to file these types of forms before and then include the State's office contact information in consumer communication so consumers can follow up.
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Perhaps ask the Foundation Center?
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Response by poster: Dave 9: Guidestar's great, but I need a little more specific information than what's reflected on the 990's these organizations file with the IRS.

Drip: Asking for hard copies is a last resort. I'm probably going to need between 100 and 500 audits for this project and the folks at the Georgia office groaned last week when I asked for only 5.
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My first place to check would be through Charity Navigator or The American Institute of Philanthropy. I don't know if they have the stuff you need, but it's possible they would know how to get it.
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