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My sofa has been in a cupboard for a while. It stinks of dust. How do I clean it?

A couple of weeks ago I dug a sofa out of the back of a storeroom in my flat (no idea how long it had been there). It's clean and in good condition, but it still smells like the back of a dusty cupboard when you get too close. What can I do about this?
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In the United States we have a product called Febreze that's made specifically for removing odors from fabric. It's kind of miraculous, really (see here.)

Febreze has a UK site, so I imagine you can get it where you are. There are also a couple of recipes for a homemade version of the stuff floating around.
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Febreze rocks, but a real breeze helps, too. Take it outside and whack it with sticks. Then turn it upside down and whack it again. Then let it sit in the sun. You'll be amazed.
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What BitterOldPunk said, plus vacuum it in between whackings. If the cushions come off, work on them separately so that air circulates better through the sofa's workings. Even better, if the cushions have zip-off covers, wash them a couple of times and sun/vacuum the inner parts directly.

If you don't want to use something like Febreeze, you can use white vinegar. If you're able to sun and air the thing, it won't smell pickled after everything dries.
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