WindowsXP window shadows?
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Is there any freeware app that will give you window shadows a la OSX in WindowsXP?
I have tried windowFX, which works but isn't free, and have heard of YZ Shadow, which is free but unavailable.
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YZShadow does work. There's a small performance hit if you have a slow machine -- I found it pretty obvious (though not irritating) on a 500MHz PIII with a cruddy and ancient laptop video chip -- but on anything reasonably modern you won't notice.

If you can't dig up a copy, send me some mail and I'll shoot it over to you. I've also got the hard-to-find YZDock, a fairly decent OSX Dock implementation for Windows, if you're interested in that, and I'm pretty sure the license for both permits redistribution.
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As I understand it the application, Mobydock is a better OSX like implementation then the aforementioned YZDock. Although without having tried YZDock I can't be sure, but I've been happy with Mobydock.
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Hmm - anything of the sort for Win98, by any chance? Mobydock looks like it could be useful, but I still haven't bit the bullet and upgraded.
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